Great crested newts: The process for developers

The great crested newt and its habitats are protected under legislation, and they’re classified as a European endangered species. Their presence on or near to a development site will usually require action to mitigate any environmental impact.

As a developer operating in the UK, it’s very likely that you’ll run into the great crested newt sooner or later, as they occupy a range of habitats that are often prime development areas, and are widespread across lowland England. Read more

Wildlife Mitigation: Glossary Of Terms

A constantly-evolving list of key terms relating to wildlife mitigation, as a resource for developers:

Bottle Traps

A passive method for collecting newts from water. Also used by ecologists during surveys and by wildlife researchers.


The Construction Skills Certification Scheme ensures that workers in the built environment have the necessary training and qualifications. All Eco Site Solutions staff and contractors are certified under this scheme. Read more